Registration starts March 1st 2019. First 16 qualified registrants will be accepted.

Race Registration is free. Must purchase separate gate ticket and separate test & tune fee of $10 per racer.

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Race Rules As Follows:

*Street style drag race on 1/8 drag strip with light tree at starting line.

*Each racer must have team captain or spotter on site and in staging area during each race.

*Each racer must have a race sponsor listed and on site (will be verified)

* If racer red lights  on take off , racer losses race. No exceptions or do-overs.

*Race winners  determined by win light, No time  runs reported.

*Any size motorcycle accepted.

*Any mechanical, engine or drive chain modifications accepted. Including swing arm and suspension.

*Race fuel additives accepted, NoX, etc.

*Race ready gear required; DOT helmet, leather or equivalent jacket, gloves.

*Must have DOT street tires (No Exception).

*On site check in time before 2pm or may be disqualified.

*Race starts at 7pm. Must be in staging area by 6pm ready to race.

*Bracket position will be determined by number draw.

*Must agree to allow ABFACS to post name or biker name on website and social media as a "Female Bikers Race Wars" contestant.

*Must have a minimum of 1 year drag race experience on 1/8 or 1/4 mile track.

*Race may be cancelled in case of bad weather or bad track conditions.

Please Read The Above Rules Carefully

You will be required to acknowledge the above rules once registration opens starting March 1st, 2019. Please be sure to check the website for any changes or updates prior to the registration date.

"Female Bikers Race Wars" And "Bikers Race Wars" Facts

"Female Bikers Race Wars" and "Bikers Race Wars" was founded by CMD Promotions (Chad, McGuyver and Lady Diamond) in 2004 where in 2005 they began introducing Race Wars to race tracks throughout the Southeast USA from North Carolina to Alabama. 

As one of the founders  of Female Bikers Race Wars, I look forward to bringing the original back to Atlanta. 

McGuyver, Host 

Atlanta Bike Fest And Car Show 2019.

To Register Send Email Starting March 1st 2019 Below

In your email please include the following:

1. Note your legal first and last name and Biker name if applicable

2. Note your city and state of residence.
3. State that you have read and agree to the posted rules and that the rules may be updated at host discretion.  

4. Note your motorcycle brand, model and year.  And any significant modifications.

5. Name of sponsor, location, contact phone number and email.

6. Date of your last drag race with  name and location  of drag strip.

Any missing or misleading information may result in registration being denied or disqualification on race day.

You will be notified of registration status within 30 days of email.

First qualified 16 applicants will be registered with 4 additional applicants registered as standby. 



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Remember to include all of the above information in your email to ensure registration

Thank you for  participating and see you in Atlanta on Saturday June 22, 2019

Atlanta Bike Fest And Car Show 2019