ATL AREA CAR CLUB & MOTORCYCLE CLUB AMBASSADORS GET 10 FREE TICKETS!! ..Now full due to great response.!!!!! Thank you :-)


Become a back-up Atlanta MC or CC Ambassador Club

The goal of the ABFACS is to gain maximum participation and make the ABFACS a staple of Atlanta with participating car clubs and motorcycle clubs from throughout the USA. Atlanta is one of the fastest growing cities in America with lots to offer visitors. The other goal of the ABFACS is to highlight the best Atlanta has to offer, cultural, entertainment and quality of life with Atlanta motorcycle clubs and car clubs being the ambassadors. Atlanta Motorcycle club and Car club ambassadors (AMCA, ACCA) must be known Atlanta clubs in good standing with the community and the city of Atlanta.

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Thanks to the great response from the car and bike club community we now have our 10 club ambassadors!!! But you can still register to become a back-up club ambassador.

Go ahead and submit your registration email below and Someone from the ABFACS 2019 staff we get back to you shortly and advise the status.

Ambassador Club Requirements:

* Must have at least 10 club members  or more.

* Must have been established for more than 2 years.

* Ensure at least 10 club members are present at the ABFACS  before 1pm.

*  Invite at least one out of state club with 10 members or more to ABFACS.(5 free )

* Host the invited club or others  by advising on housing, local activities and information about Atlanta the ABFACS.

* Promote ABFACS attendance whenever possible.

* Participate in bi-weekly ABFACS info calls whenever possible and provide your thoughts.

Benefits of being a Club Ambassador:

* 10 complimentary gate passes. Must enter before 2pm!!!

* Reserved spot for tailgating.

* Conduct club fund raiser, pass out event flyers during ABFACS. 

* Mention on the Radio spots starting 2 weeks prior to event.

* Posted on ABFACS website as offical club ambassadors for 2019.

* Club name printed on official event T-shirt as a cliub amabassador.

* Receive participation award during ABFACS 2019.

To Register Send Email Starting March 1st 2019 Below

In your email please include the following: 

1.  Note your Club name and city along with date established.

2.  President or VP first name and phone number. 

3.  State that you have read and agree to the above requirements.

4.  Any missing or misleading information may result in cancellation of registration.

5.  You will be notified of registration status within 30 days of email.     

6. First 10 qualified registered motorcycle clubs and car clubs will become ambassadors.

register here

Registration Email

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Remember to include all of the above information in your email to ensure registration

...Thank you for  participating and  letts showcase the best Atlanta has to offer together!!!

Atlanta Bike Fest And Car Show 2019

3645 Marketplace Blvd, Suite 130-153, Atlanta, GA 30344, US